19 February 2009

Happy Birthday James,

You have Hypothyroidism.
It will last you your entire lifetime and you will end up taking medicine every single morning. You can't eat food within an hour before or after taking it, so no more breakfast for you.
Hypothyroidism -
1)Insufficient production of thyroid hormones.
2)A pathological condition resulting from thyroid insufficiency, which may lead to cretinism or myxedema.

This really just means that my body isn't producing enough thyroid hormones so it produces more antibodies to destroy my thyroid. I have a slim chance of ever getting over it.

I inherited it from my mom's side, most likely.


  1. my mom has hypothyroidism. it really isn't that bad as long as you take the medicine. You know for them to diagnose that all they would have to do is take a blood sugar test to rule out diabetes and then 1 simple blood test to diagnose. If your doctor did more than that he or she was wasting your time and blood

  2. I blame niggers.
    Not really, though.
    Sorry =[

  3. Eh, sorry about that, James :/

    HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY THOUGH <333 !!!111oneoneone

  4. :( *hugs* I'm sorry.
    Like I said before though, there are worse things to be diagnosed with; there are worse things than having to take a pill everyday too. Considering our family history, I think my mom thinks there's something wrong my thyroid as well.