26 February 2009

Hi, my name is Knife and

I like 24 ounce Monsters. <4-1
Gah, I am really really hyper, but not in the annoying way. I just get sort of imaginative, in a sense. I start writing better and I don't mess up my words as often. I really wanna do a cover of a Drop Dead, Gorgeous song. That would be so B.A. as quoted form my asian acquaintance/best friend.

Once again, stalker kids, you make me feel like asfrfhgjfgjhfgjhfghfghgfhfgjfgFAGGOTSdmhgdfhfgdgbdfhgdbgfn bfHOTDOGgtgthdfwegtgbsdfvdfvbrfghhjhb hfgbvsh,fsdbhfbdudghfdshgudhkdhbSTICKYFINGERSdgdfghsbhfghgfdhf. Thank you, that is all I have to say right now. Please feel free to expect more later.



  1. Monster is pretty much amazing.
    But I only like the blue kind ;D

  2. Ahah XD

    My BA SK!
    Bask. Yes bask.

    I'm so lame XD

    Love you my white boy, best friend ;D