25 February 2009

Somebody give me a sign.

-What I Have On My Mind
I have to thank Sheri for making me listen to Dance Club Massacre. I was sort of looking for new bands to listen to, and she helped me. Man, I really wish some people wouldn't get clingy when you've never met them.

Some people are such assholes for no reason. Seriously, can they not learn to treat people nicely? Ugh, maybe that's why they have no friends. Or fake friends anyways. I also almost fell asleep every few minutes.

Concerts = Definitely going to a lot of them. They are going to be great. Sometimes I say things I don't mean, but most times I watch myself and make sure I can live up to whatever I'm saying. I'm sorry for changing my mind, I'll never be perfect. If you don't realize that, you're clearly an idiot. Nothing personal towards anyone that's offended by my use of such "foul" language. Pfft, whatever. For those of you who DO realize that I'm not perfect and accept me for who I'll always be, I'm glad to say that you're my friend.

And it's all we need now, to die romantic.


  1. I'm glad you're not perfect or try to be because the people who try to be perfect or who seem perfect are scary. People need to be flawed, they're better that way.

    James I love yew!<3