11 March 2009


Well, I'm going to reply to SOME of the comments from the previous post.

Sheri: I'm really glad that you want to get to be better frriends with me, I would love to get to know you better. And I'm sorry for being so obnoxious, but at least i'm trying right? I think we could be really great friends one day (:

Ally: I;m really happy that you feel the same way, I think knowing you better would only make my life more positive. Much like the same thing with Sheri. You're an amazing person, and AP World History wouldn't be worthwhile unless you were there to make it fun.

Kristina: What can I say that you don't already know? I'm really happy we're best friends, even after all of that pointless bullshit. I couldn't ask you to be a better friend than you already are, because perfection doesn't exist. I just hope we could stay best friends for a very long time, and still make rocketship cupcakes that are sexually disturbing. More so after you eat them so your dad doesn't see.

Melissa: I know we aren't that close and honestly, it makes me a little sad. But I'm glad we're friends, compared to not being friends. I wouldn't mind getting to know you better, you are a great person frfom what I've seen and know.


  1. :)
    AP World would be so boring without your comments that always tend to get you in trouble :p


  2. Yay! Rocketship cupcakes!
    You make me smile boy, I loves yewww!

  3. yay! for guy princess:D

    i am addicted to touching your hair lawl.