01 March 2009

Stop telling me you're taking your time.

Die young and save yourself.

I really have nothing to say really. I'm getting a new guitar pretty soon though, I can't wait.
I might practice a little more than only acoustic songs.

It was pretty dang fun, to be honest.
I went to Kristina's house and hung out with her and Melissa. Then she got Julian to come over and we played Brawl for a couple hours. Then we drove around in his golf cart, in the freezing wind.

The only thing I really know, I can't sleep at night.


  1. The Unwinding Cable Car reminds me of you.
    Just thought I'd let you know.
    I'm not sure why.

  2. me too.
    maybe because for awhile your status always had something to do with it.

  3. Today was pretty epic :D
    Driving around in the golf cart was the best :]]

    I loves yew!<3