15 March 2009

Yuhh so,

This weekend so far has been pretty great.

-Friday: Went to the square and hung out with Melissa, Kristina, Charles, Scott, Kat, Kim, Crystal, Sheri, Andy, and a ton of other people. And we got yelled at by the cops, which kinda sucked but all he did was follow us. Freaking douchebag.

_Saturday: Had Band MPA, and got 3 excellents, and then went to The Social for the DDG, Alesana concert. No one was moshing during DDG, but when Alesana came on, everybody was. Some kid headbutted me in the mouth, busted my lip open to where blood was pouring out of my mouth. And so I punched him in the face. And went to the bathroom to make sure I had all of my teeth. Then, I went back out and started moshing again. And the fat girl Daniel talked about scared me. Turns out, my friend that went that wanted to meet me, was behind me the whole time. And I didn't recognize her. I GOT DANIEL STILLS TO SIGN MY ARM.

Overall, this weekend has been one of the best and it might get better today.

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