15 June 2009

He says he's got nothing left to live for

I could be a complete opposite person, frmo what I've turned into today, if it weren't for certain people.

Right now though, feels like a game.
People get upset, okay.
People spread crap about you, that's fine.
People insult your friends, now there's a problem.

But even now, it feels like I could be a better friend, person in general.
I know I'm not a great person, and plenty of people don't like me because of who I am.
I'm having a bad summer, so far.
Minus, maybe two or three times.

If I could bring myself to do it, I would walk away from all of this.
Go to a place where people have no idea who I am, I'll just be the new guy.
There's enough things I could change to myself better that I should just start over.
Give me a year or two, and let's see what happens.

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  1. Hey James-I LOVE YOU<3
    I think you're amazing&superduper cool ;D