08 June 2009

Today and yesterday

Have been the absolute worst days of my life I've experienced so far.
My grandma said Chelsi is a slut, a pothead, stupid, inconsiderate, stuck-up, and she doesn't want me talking to her on the computer, phone, or have her at my house.

Because someone commented my Myspace status saying something about dick, and my grandma assumed it was Chelsi saying she wants to suck my dick.
She thinks she's a pothead, because she's pale.
She just thinks she's stupid for no reason at all.
She goes off of judging her and assumes that she's inconsiderate.
She thinks she's stuck-up because she doesn't eat cow or pig.
She doesn't want us to be dating, but she can't do anything about it.

Today, I screamed my throat dry.
In her face.
I hope she's happy.
I fucking hate her.


  1. Oh my God. She really sad all that ?


    Oh James , I'm so sorry , that's absolutely horrible. But you know that Chelsi is a wonderful person , don't forget that , it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

    Here for you <3

  2. everyone but her knows chelsi is the nicest girl ever, dude.

    my dad does the same thing, makes judgements based on bullshit.

    i'm sorry <3

    we need to hang out, dude.

  3. Thanks <3!

    I would love to hang out, I need something to get my mind off of this whole situation.
    Sounds like a great idea :D

    She kicked me out of her family or whatever.

  4. D:<

    I hope things get better soon<333
    I love you!