11 November 2009

I'll write it on my own time.

First off: I've repeated myself way too many times. I'm staying out of the drama that high school girls decide to start. Seriously, don't try to bring me down with it, I'm staying out. I've made my point, don't expect me to get any more involved than that. I have so much stuff I could be doing that's a lot more important than your childish ideals. You have no idea how many times I've been called a dick, I think I should get it tattooed into my arm or something. Just kidding, that's stupid.

Auditions went pretty well. Pretty much everyone did well. Except like, Bo Galusha. He didn't do anything and I'm really hoping that they don't let him in the play this year unless he's an extra that does nothing. Other than that, I liked everyone's auditions. I wish I could sing super fantastically, but I'm just getting by with how my voice sounds now.

Life has been like a fortune wheel, you spin it and then whatever you get, you get. You're not always expecting it, but most of the time it's for the better. Or, it has been lately for me anyways. I like the way it is. Surprises make me happy. Having to give something up, for something else, isn't fun though. That's life so I'll just learn to get over it. I've really got nothing else to say.

For your information, please listen to the remix of Hello Seattle by Owl City. It's amazing.

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