14 January 2010

Oh, the visionary

Screaming for silence. 
This needs to end, without controversy. 
But you know it won't, and we won't allow it.

I hope you enjoyed that. Nothing much has been going on lately with me. I need to stop not doing homework.

_What is going through your mind when you decide to talk to him about me? He's one of my close friends and I already pretty much know your feelings after the first time. STOP TELLING ME THE SAME THING FIFTY TIMES.
_You always get last hug in my book.
_If only I could just drive there and help you stop with how you're acting.
_First time around, didn't work. Bounce right back for another go and people call ME the bad person? Good one.
_You're just unexplainable. I keep switching between positive and negative emotions towards you. I don't enjoy it too much.
_You're pretty much incredible at a lot of things. I wish I could learn to do some of the things you seem to do with ease.
_I DON'T LIKE YOU AT ALL, STOP TALKING TO ME LIKE YOU'RE IN LOVE WITH ME. I'm just gonna start ignoring you if you don't cut it out.
_I love you, I always have and I probably will until I'm dead. You're incredible and I look forward to hugging you at the end of the day.
_I admit, I still kinda like you and I look forward to hugging you every day.
_I have nothing to say to you, you've already stolen every word I could possibly say. You're wonderful<3

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  1. I really need to start doing my homework as well -____-
    I already have senioritis XD

    I love you!<3