05 February 2010

This is the sonnet of the Wretched can you hear their screams?

I should let loose but I know I won't. I should find some better stuff to do in my spare time. I got so bored last night that I replaced the strings on my guitar. When I get to that point of boredom, I will literally start enjoying homework and strenuous activities that I find displeasing otherwise. I should stop talking to people that cause problems in my life but when they have problems I feel like it's my responsibility to stay in their life and help them. I should feel good when I cut out bad influences. I should try to work harder in all aspects of school so I can be considered to go other places. I should try harder musically so I can receive good reviews from college prospects who offer scholarships and full rides to their college. I should go on that road trip that I've been planning. I should get a job so in turn I could get a car. I should own a physical journal type thing so I can just write stuff down whenever I get the urge to. 

Tell me, when I read my poem will you hear the screams?

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