18 March 2010

Great creation idea.

The life you choose isn't one you'll ever get to live. People can't accept it, that's why so many commit suicide each year. They believe that they have the ability to just die and start over like a video game. News flash, if you commit suicide you end up in Hell. You're not allowed to pick what you want, like in movies. It's impossible but the only way to live a life better than that is through Him. 

I can't imagine what Hell would feel like, but the same can be said about Heaven. It just gives me a lifelong dream to look forward to. It doesn't matter if you have a problem with yourself because of how you act, look, feel, smell, or whatever. Comparing yourself to other people will more than likely make you feel less than them, unless you were born with a very edgy self love. Don't juxtapose yourself with others to make yourself feel better, or even out of habit. Lust and envy are both sins, as told by the Ten Commandments. Trust in God and He shall lead the way.

God loves you and that's more than enough to conquer anyone else's Earthly love for anything. There are plenty of those so called "near death experiences" every single day but if those people who were thrown into those situations were immersed in God's love, they wouldn't be known as "near death experiences" anymore. They'd be known as "near Heaven experiences".

I love you, every single person who reads this and every single person who doesn't.
God bless<3

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