20 January 2009

Ahh Relief

I won't be brutally murdered tonight. Unless, of course, I attempt to discuss Barack Obama. Honestly though, WHO CARES IF HE'S FREAKING BLACK?
Doesn't make him a bad President right off the start. Get over it.
I'm still not feeling the same way I did in this relationship as I did days and days ago. I feel bad about it but there's nothing I can do about it.

AND another thing: Some people are total idiots and they make me want to just scream at them. I don't think they'll get how I feel towards them, ever.
I swear Albino Ghost Monkey and Falco Lombardi and the rest of the d00ds on HandHeld Heroes EP are the best musicians ever.
Sorry for being so all over the place, I'm a little screwed up today.
Maybe tomorrow will be better?

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