21 January 2009

A Complete Catastrophe

I can tell I'm getting sick. AGAIN.

I seiously can't get this song out of my head, but at least it's not a bad song, you know?
I'm at my mom's work right now, and it's super boring. It gives me this MAJOR headache and it doesn't go away until I get distracted by stuff, which is pretty hard right now. One of these days I swear I'm gonna just like, throw away everything in my life that's important to me. I know I will and as much as I want to stop it from ever happening, I know I can't. Things are just getting too out of control in my head, it feels like I'm about to explode from the pressure I get every day. Some things just aren't worth it though, so don't worry about it happening soon. I have enough control to stop it for a while. Besides, I love my friends too much to huurt any of them at all. I'd be hurting myself at the same time. They're one of the reasons I'm not going to ruin anything, purposely. Sure, I don't really have more than one or two people to tell everything to, but those couple people are the absolute world to me. Everyone tells me that I care too much about other people, but, they really just don't care enough about other people. That's what I think.

On another note, today was actually one of the better days I've had this week, so far.

P.S. I want to start a band.

Currently Listening to: The Alamo Is No Place For Dancing - The Scene Aesthetic

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