22 January 2009

Screaming is music too.

People really need to see that.

I think this girl that I know thinks that I'm going to break her heart, but she apparently doesn't know me. Some 9th graders need to learn. Apparently, so do some other people. BUT anyways, today was pretty fun, and the Algebra homework was really easy (:

Rocketships are great, and not paying attention in Algebra is too.
Chorus will bring me great success; I'm getting some lines in Grease, and I'm improving in my singing.
I hope I can get a career that doesn't involve too much deskwork or paperwork because that stuff sucks.
Oh geez, I really can't stand the sight of certain people; I get really really heartless when they're around and I take it out on other people.

Love, James


  1. Hi, James.
    I like that you got a blogspot :)
    I feel like I'm getting to know you better.
    I hope you're doing well <3

    Love, Ally.

  2. Okay seriously I've been trying to post a comment since you got this and I couldn't figure it out XD
    Dumb right?

    Okay seriously I don't understand math and I paid attention today D: D:
    and I loves drawing in Algebra wiff you XD
    SERIOUS LOL@our mustaches/beards :P

    James you bess not get me sickly! Hopefully you can come over this weekend :]


  3. You kinda did break this one girl's heart a little...
    Just so you know. :/

    And I want lines in Grease, but apparently I suck too much!