30 January 2009

I'll keep a secret of why I miss you.

Sometimes, I want to be someone else. Someone more professional and someone who's made something good out of their life already. But I can't and that makes me want to just either try or give up, depending on my mood.
I can't find the motivation to finish any homework or classwork that I have; I'm really worried about what it's going to do to my grades if I keep this up because I'm already needing help in Algebra and World History is getting pretty intense now with all of the classwork. I can never find the time to do my homework and finish it much less understand it.

This is how I want to make my hair look.
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  1. I likes the hair :D
    When are you getting it cut? :P

  2. I think your hair would look really good like that :)
    I know what you mean about school too :( AP World is currently kicking my ass, and actually has been from the start.

    I'm worried about my grades too. Except, not, you know? Like I don't care. I wish I did.


  3. But I like James as James. :)

    And that is some cool hair.