28 January 2009

Your Destiny Near and Far.

Ew, Noelle found Mr. Kubik's Myspace and that's not worth freaking out about.
I have no idea how to do the Algebra homework, once again, because I was out too many days.
I can't get America's Suitehearts out of my head, it's just too good.
I'm getting really tired of sucking up at everything lately, so I'm gonna take a break from playing games and stuff until I'm better. Except Resident Evil 4.

I like meeting up with friends I haven't talked to or hung out with in forever, it's a great thing.
Hmm, can't find anything else to say so I'll just treat you to some DDG lyrics.

Dressed For Friend Requests
See through the wreckage
Into the fire
Inside my heart
Bullet to the head
Soon you'll be sleeping silent
Pull this trigger to your antidote
She's dressed to kill
I don't know what to wear
She's dressed to kill
She's dressed to kill
She had the eyes of an angel
With a heart like a traitor
And a gun with a trigger
In her hand pointed at her
We always knew you'd go up in flames
We always you'd go out with a bang
We're going nowhere fast
Your just jealous


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