04 February 2009

So let's get a little closer now

I spill my heart for you.

SO ANYWAYS, school is going way better for me lately. I don't really have my mind wandering all the time anymore, all of my thoughts are organized and I can finally think straight.
I absolutely love music, it's pretty much my entire life and I don't want to move away from it.

Gotta gotta be down because I want it all.

This is still describing my relationship life. I don't think that'll change anytime soon, and I'm fine with that. I'm tired of getting lost in all of this relationship stuff and watching as every other part of my life falls down and gets worse. I need the rest of my life to be equal, so there's no part of it falling behind and bringing me down with it.

My birthday is in exactly two weeks from tomorrow and I'm really excited. I'm finally turning 16, but I don't really have anything going on except what other people want to do for me. I'm really glad that other people want to do something for me, it makes me know that someone cares for me. Even if I already knew that they do, I still like the thoughts. I always like thinking that someone cares about me.
So, for all of those who do care about me,

Thank you so much. I love each and every one of you guys.

Love, James.

1 comment:

  1. :D
    I gotta go get your birthday present soon!
    You should deff have a birthday party :]
    Jamesss my bestfriend I loves you!