03 March 2009

This ride is really scary but it's completely safe

It makes the world look all topsy turvey.

Ugh, I hate my thyroid condition. It makes me feel the actuality of the cold so much more.

I love how, on Myspace, I got this chain letter about Tom deleting the accounts that didn't send this message to 20 people yesterday and then today, he has that notice about the chain letter not being true. I'm tired of chain letters and forwards, I always get them.

But my dog doesn't hev melk in his pellowcase.

I always end up running out of time (things to say) and it usually leaves me feeling empty (incomplete).

I'll make up for it soon <3


  1. AHAH
    But my dog doesn't hev melk in his pellowcase

    TOYSTORE! :]

    I love youuuuu!<3

  2. Why aren't you sucking kite string out of your mom's utility belt?!?