07 March 2009

Until we conquer them all

Change of heart: I'm going to be a better person in general now.
I won't change my personality, just the way I treat people.

Like racism. I'm gonna try not to hate on the blacks and hispanics and the rest of the minorities as much.
And just being a douchebag in general.

And I'm cutting back on being obnoxious. Except me being obnoxiously skinny, as Sheri says. I can't help that I lose weight, unnaturally. I can't fucking help it if I'm so skinny. At least I'm not anorexic or bulemic. I actually eat my food.

Anyways, that was just about everything I could think of that I wanted to say.



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. you love them blacks boy!
    you love'em

  3. Jamess I don't think you're a douchebag, I don't think you ever have been either
    Only when you don't buy me water, but you bought me amp so that makes up for not buying me water ;D

    Love you<33

  4. ):
    Every time you say my name in a blog, it's bad.
    I hope I'm not that mean to you; it wasn't supposed to be a bad comment.

  5. No definitely not! It didn't bother me that much.
    I'd let you know if you were rude.

    I love you!!