18 April 2009

Cuz it's a breakdown

And where do we go from here?

I love breakdowns.
The emotional kind.
They help me get out all of these left over feelings that I don't need anymore.

That's about the only good thing about having an emotional breakdown though.
It usually leaves me feeling worse than I did before I had it.
I don't know why I keep having them, but I don't want anymore.
Two in one week is enough for me.

I just kinda try to avoid thinking about it, and it goes away for a little while.
It's easier in school, to hold it in; I won't just start crying or something in front of anyone.



  1. I'm sorry love<3
    I hope you feel better :]

  2. Love is Real-
    Jason Mraz

    (this is so not chelsi....)