13 October 2009

I'm your chemical kid, you're a mechanical bride

These past fews days, my home life has entirely sucked. Not like, oh that's bad but I'll get over it. More like, OMFG I HATE LIVING HERE QUIGHVAUDBSOFGNSUIO. Kinda like that. Oh well, nothing I'm new to. I've pretty much seen it all, in my short lived life of 16 years and about 8 months. Facebook told me that fact right there! Okay, I told my mom I wanted to seriously move out and get up to Virginia where people wouldn't care about what I did. Because she's 'caring' a little too hard, if you ask me. I'm tired of going to sleep wondering if I'll hate life as much as I do then, in the morning. I never end up in a bad mood except when I wake up and someone's screaming at me about how much of a waste of time I was and still am. I just hate when that happens, don't you? It's like, DANG SON BACK UP. But I don't say that, cuz I'm half awake.

-You're a great bestfriend, even if we hate each other for a week or two. I still love you and I can't not be friends with you. That'd just be terrible<33

-You're a great girlfriend, and I think the blog previous to this one proves what I have to say about you.

-You're a pretty amazing kid, I can tell we'll be friends for a whileeeee. Just don't stop being silly!

-You've turned into one of my closer friends in a short amount of time. That's pretty cool, considering I don't really let many people in like that. Stay cool(or Puerto Rican, or whatever you are) hahaha.

-To the two obvious statements I just posted above, YOU GUYS ARE A CUTE COUPLE. I go 'awwwweeee' inside whenever I see you two connect, either through your eyes or through physical contact. I hope it stays amazing for you both<3

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