14 October 2009

Sold out the love that she had, left with a cut of the throat

Today was pretty great. Minus the whole water ordeal after school, I didn't plan on getting shot with water.
But it was funny watching Jorge and Mike and James Usalis slide all over the place because of the water on the floor. It was wild. And I hung out with everybody and I got to spend some time with Casey after school. And Levi got kicked in the balls, which was incredibly funny. And then we all kept almost hitting each other with the ball. And then I hit Levi with the ball, while he was on the ground, and it was fully unintentional. It was extremely fun. The band/chorus concert on Saturday should be fantastic, given that I actually get to go. Hopefully my grades will be up, to the point of me being able to go. Also, the square on Friday should also be fantastic, given that I (and Lidia) actually get to go to that as well.

Yeah, I did make a wishlist in the blog below this one. Who cares? I might need to reference back to it before I tell anyone what I want for Christmas.

Just felt like I should end this blog the way BMTH ends their song "For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only"

I whispered in her ear:
You better fear me, for I am Death.
For I am Death.
For I am Death


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