17 October 2009

We'll drown you in the bathroom

People say blogging, among other things, is something that you need to do when you feel like it. Incorrect. You can blog whenever you want, whenever you have to, even if you don't feel like it.

It's starting to get cold outside and I love it. I love the cold so much more than the heat, it's not even funny. When it's hot outside, you can't go inside with the heat turned on, and get under a billion blankets and be warm and nice. It would just get incredibly hot and cause a lot of sweating. And we all know that's not fun! Plus, there's no humidity when it's cold. Well, it's minimal anyways. Back on topic, I LOVE THE COLD. I really don't know why, even though I suffer from hypothyroidism and get cold really easily, I can't help but want to be cold. I'd rather be cold that hot, it's a lot better I promise.

So, Trevor Fox and Seth Baker both told me they were looking for a rhythm guitarist last night at the square. I just so happen to play rhythm guitar, and I'm looking for a band. Perfect combination? You called it! Looks like I'll be in a band soon. I really hope this works out as well as everything else has been<3

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