24 October 2009

They say that kid, he's got soul

So now I play bass guitar for the band Afarewelltomay. Trevor wants to change the name though, if you have any ideas, feel free to comment them!

My life has been going incredible, I love all of the people that have helped me get to this point. I owe you all so much. Sure, I'm losing my past a bit, but I'm used to losing the past. I would rather focus on the future, or the present at least. I can't really focus on any part of anything right now. It's just all blocking me from thinking properly haha. Anyways, on a completely unrelated note, I love Dance Gavin Dance. I swear the song I'm listening to says, 'Do you want a piece of pie?' Not even kidding. That's how great Dance Gavin Dance is. You know something else that's amazing? My girlfriend's amazing, all around. and for the record, I don't care that she's a freshman okay? Feel free to drop that subject whenever, I kinda knew she's a freshman when I asked her out. Anyways, she's fantastic. She's a lot better than basically everyone else I've dated, from what I can tell.


  1. I was actually gonna comment "yay for having a good life", and then i looked at the label.

    so, now i have nothing to say.

  2. Shit sandwich.
    Or fist full of assholes.
    I just watched Nick and Norah :P