21 November 2009

I've paid the price of solitude with which to worry.

I really haven't had anything to say lately, that's why there isn't really any posting going on with my blog. Last night and in the wee hours of today Trevor and I wrote a song. We spent all day today, minus the time we were all sleeping and trying to get Seth away from the computer, we worked on it and made it even better. We recorded the drums today, Trevor's going to edit that himself and then we'll add the bass guitar, lead and rhythm guitars, maybe keyboard, and vocals. So, the song is coming along great from how practice went. After practicing and making macaroni and cheese, Trevor and I left Seth at Trevor's house to be picked up by his mom and we went to Walmart. Fun times at Walmart, right? Checkers followed shortly afterward, and then I arrived at home about 30 minutes later. This is where I've been since then, and I just started writing.

The show last night with Of Elsewhere, Scars For Stories, and With Fear Comes Faith was downright incredible, in the ass kicking hardcore music way and in the religious way. These guys don't play, just for the sake of playing. They're playing for the sake of getting the word of God out and helping guys and girls who were hidden from being saved, to repent. That's what makes them different from the other 94% of local bands that play hardcore music; or any type of music in that matter. I love these guys, Of Elsewhere is like family to me. 

Overall, today was a highly productive day and last night was a fantastic night. Great start to the Fall break!

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