15 November 2009

Write on, I'll write it on my own time.

I want my new camcorder really soon, I'm hoping I'll get it anyways. Also, I should be getting my lip pierced during the Christmas break, but let's see about that.

My future is looking positive due to the fact that I've been getting a lot of compliments from people and I pretty much have drum major for next year and the lead role in the school play this year. It's so amazing! It's just a shame that I can't seem to find anything else to write other than this.

For the added bonus, I love Of Elsewhere!!!!!!!!! You should go to their show on November 20th, at Wildwood Assembly of God. It's their church, and they would absolutely love everyone that decides to go!
And, please help out my band, we're just trying to get our name out to people who like to listen to the type of music we play. We should have more songs up soon, so keep expecting! Http://www.myspace.com/thisthereturning

And I've paid the price of solitude with wish to worry while you're away,
With all grace to allow my hand the travel & worth here across your face,
I love you more than you could know,
In those eyes you hide it well I think you do,
As I turn the wheels that round the ground across the Never,
Here against the Grave,
Now I've lost the only thing that matters to me life,
Is this the dream?
Here I go, I'm on my way home now,
To you,
And it hurts to hear you feel. 

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  1. You'll never believe this:So I go into Riddle's office after basketball practice yesterday and vocal arts just had finished. so we're talking and he mentions the only 2 ppl to approach him about drum major is you and Daniel Carter. So then we're talking about music and other things and he asks "what would the chances be of you playing tuba?" so today I was at the doctors office in ocala and decided that me and my mom should go to parramore and i bought a tuba mouthpiece and a book. I'm guna end up playing tuba now. just watch this. i think you'll be a good drum major. problem tho is that if we don't get a butt-load of good clarinet players next year the clarinets will suck worse than they alredy do. and its not even ur fault.