04 December 2009

A friendly reminder.

_I have a girlfriend.
_I have a gat, and I wanna use it on your bitch ass
_Some girls are just so indecisive that you want to blow your brains out.
_Some girls act like they don't even have brains.
_I'm not hating on all girls, a lot of them are really nice and pretty amazing people. Just some are annoying.
_A corner piece of my phone disappeared and it looks really bad because that piece is gone.

_I want that camcorder already!
_Some people in Louisiana are actually really awesome, like Katie Allen and Wade Leslie. They had better visit me sometime soon.
_My sister got in some deep trouble yesterday for things I won't relay to you guys, just figured I should add that.
_I really wanna talk about more stuff but I just seem to have a writer's block at this time, so this is the only thing I'm writing about until I can maybe, hopefully remember something else. Which I just did.
_Trevor got added to Casino Madrid's top friends and they sent him some sweet new clothes, pretty awesome.
_My cat was attacking me from under my computer table, while I was typing and it was the funniest thing in the world. I laughed for a good ten minutes and burst into tears from laughing.
_My mom just got home from going out with her friends, I'll end right here.

Goodnight all, I love you!

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