02 February 2009

I can't think of anything else to do right now.

But blog and draw. And I suck at drawing so I'll hold off on doing it, for now.
People always say that curiousity killed the cat; what if I'm not a cat? I hate having this whole part of me that wants to scream. It's really getting unfair now because I want what I can't have and I don't want anything more than to feel what it's like to have that back. Mr. Brightside, the song, really sums up how I feel quite well. "Gotta gotta be down, cuz I want it all." That line completely speaks what I could only say in a speech.
Im starting to listen to more alternative style music lately, I don't know why either. But Anberlin is my new favorite band as of Friday, I think it was. Hopefully, I'll be able to go to all of the concerts that are coming up in March, April, and over summer. Daniel has a really long list of ones that he wants to go to, mostly through March and April.

School is getting easier and easier to control and I'm not freaking out so much as I was a week ago. I can only hope that it keeps improving like this, or I'm going to have a problem.

I've come to realize that I need a haircut soon, so I'm going to get my mom to schedule it soon so I can get it cut like the picture I posted.



  1. I really, really like that song by anberlin it's really pretty :]
    I was obsessed with them for a while, just a tiny while though :P

    I'm glad school is getting easier for you to control, I still think we should get together and do math on the days I don't have dance ;D


  2. anberlin is AMAZING. kaylee got me to listen to them. ^.^