30 September 2009

I just found out that

You can actually get paid to blog, about anything. I want to check this out, because I need some money. My grandma was the person who told me about this actually. It's probably one of the easiest jobs ever, getting paid to talk about a certain product or service or something. I don't want to use craigslist though, because I really don't trust their setup. It seems like there's nothing censored at all on there...
probably because there isn't, right?

I really enjoy the small things in life these days, things I didn't really see but now I do. I'm really thankful they're there because my day wouldn't be the same without the tiny little things that I can point out to myself and think, "That's nice, I never knew that was there."

I finally brought all of my grades up, including AP US History. That has got to be the most confusing class of all time, no kidding. It's also the easiest to fall asleep in as well, can I get a hoorah?
Just kidding, he had a conference with my mom and I'm not allowed to sleep in his class unless I tell him I had a bad night or something.

I am falling in love with classical music, rendered into techno/electronica sounding music. It's taking my heart by storm, and I won't try to fight back. There's not much else to say about this topic, so I'm going to a new paragraph.

My FIRST surgery was yesterday, at 3 PM, and it was pretty painful. They operated inside of my gums, so I don't have any strange scars or whatever to show off. Just a huge bruise on my gums and a very sensitive front part of my mouth. I hate this thing about having to eat slowly, and not being able to eat certain things. I couldn't talk until this morning either, which kinda sucked. I now have three very thin metal rods in my mouth/gums. It'll all be worth it in the end though, even if it hurts pretty damn bad right now.

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