01 October 2009

Somebody turn the lights on, somebody tell me what's wrong.

I just sat here for a good ten minutes thinking about what I was going to start off talking about. I hate when that happens to me, especially during an essay in class. Don't you?

I'm beginning to dislike many people that go to The Villages. They're all just getting on my nerves in some way. But from a different point of view, I'm making new friends as well. They're pretty amazing, I'd have to mention. That's the good thing about being so open to everything, you get to meet a lot of different people and make friends who you can relate with in some way. And then, go and meet different people, who like completely opposite things but you can still get along with them on some things.

Today was a very interesting day, nonetheless, still the same as every day. I'm just going on with my life, it'll all turn out the same anyways really. Not trying to sound emo or anything, I actually enjoy my life. My grades are getting much better, my mom finally told me she was proud of me for something the other day. Sad part, it was through a text message. But I love my mom, and it's nice to know she notices what I do once in a while. Lately I've just been getting on her nerves for being sick and having to have so much money be spent on my surgery and everything. I know it's hard for her, but I won't try to argue with her if she says I really need it.

I'm tired of having someone mad at me. Get over it please, or come talk to me if it's something that I did. Not go off of what other people say, without bothering to ask me about it. I don't care what anyone thinks, I won't lie. You might, everyone lies about something, but I won't about that. I'm not that childish. But I really love how people think they know all about me, because of a couple times we've talked or had contact. That's not right, it's not that simple and you don't know me. There are people in this world that do know me, but they can't help you very much. I've learned it's best to get to know someone, by spending time with them and talking to them, nicely. Not a hard concept, right?

By the way, the PSP Go came out today. Go buy yourself one?

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    I feel like I haven't talked to you in a long time, even though I talked to you earlier this week. But the fact that I didn't talk to you today, and don't remember talking to you (in person) yesterday, feels really super mega weird and I don't think I like it.