02 October 2009

Oh, they sing our song.

Once again, the time for writing has come, and I just seem to have stopped thinking.

BOBBY BIRDMAN IS STILL AMAZING. No competition, he's still got my favorite song ever. Victory At Sea is super incredible, I just love it.

This is aggravating me, not having a good starting topic that gets me into some long essay format thing talking about everything. I'll just keep it all segmented and tiny though.

Today I realized that I love soccer, but I need to be in better shape before I decide to play it again. I've gotten out of shape. Not fat, just out of shape. But, it's alright, I'll get in shape somehow. I also realized today, that the band is better than people give us credit for. Practices are really usually chaotic, but during gametime we can really put on a good show. That's about the only thing I realized today that was pretty good. And the fact that I should not try to play tuba/sousaphone. Those things are way too annoying for me, and plus I hit about three people when I tried marching with the sousaphone. Great, right?

I got awarded for getting a 3.5 GPA for the last two years! It's just a little bar or something, I don't even know, but I got awarded for it and it felt pretty good. Of course, I had to wear my band uniform, but it made me feel proud that I was in the band. I like how this is turning out. I really have nothing else to say though.

Goodnight, I love you all.
Well, mostly.

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