04 October 2009

Keep us in front of your sights

Like I promised earlier, here's the other half of my daily blog. A lot has happened, but it's all under the same topic, essentially. I still might not say much, but I could write a book. I have no sense of how much I feel like writing right now. I do have some things I want to write about though.

First off, I DON'T ENJOY LAST MINUTE ENGLISH PROJECTS. I know I shouldn't be so lazy and put it off, but if you saw the week I had you'd probably say something like, "Damn son, I see what you did there." or something like that. But it's alright, it's my fault and I suffer the consequences. I'll just stay up kinda late tonight working on it! But luckily, I have some cool people to talk to while I work. That always makes everything more bearable, doesn't it? Also, it benefits me that I finished the book about a month ago and I already know a lot of information on it. I'm practically done with the whole thing, I just have a couple questions and a summary paragraph to go. Wish me luck?

So, I've started to see that you are a really incredible person. I'm glad we're the way we are. I can't really describe what I think of this, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

Hey you, you're also an incredible person! You're always in a good mood when I see you and it puts me in a good mood too. I like being in a good mood, thank you! I'm glad we're friends, and maybe I'll show up at one of your practices on a Saturday when I have nothing else to do. That's a dead giveaway though, so you better not think it's someone else!

You, you probably won't read this but I feel like I should say this anyways. You're hard to read, your actions tell me something and your words tell me roughly the same thing, but for some reason my mind just tells me it's not how I think it is. It probably isn't, but watch me follow my mind and have it turn out that I could have been right emotionally, but mentally I was incorrect. That's usually how it is, or vice versa. I can never seem to get both right.

So far, it seems like I'm writing a lot. I'll keep going until I've emptied my mind entirely.

I don't enjoy chemistry, it seems like a dumb kid class even though it says 'honors'. We're learning less things that the rest of the classes because my class has all of the dumbshit juniors. And they all seem to think I'm gay, which is kinda weird but I won't judge them. I know I'm not gay, who cares what they think?

The Madrigal Dinner is going to be so kickass if Devin and I can be the unicorn and the two pages. WE CAN DO IT BETTER THAN THE OTHER PEOPLE AUDITIONING. So, why shouldn't we get the part? Exactly, no answer. You know it, we all know it!

These plays and performances in chorus and band are going to be absolutely stunning. We've gotten so good, minus the hinderance of a couple people in chorus who don't do anything. But other than that, we've gotten a lot better. One Day More is still my favorite song we've looked at so far. Followed by Seasons of Love and Carol of the Bells.

I really can't wait for the coffeehouse either, my duet with Kaylee should be pretty good. I've got my part down, and knowing her, she'll have it down pretty easily too! I dunno about the other song though, I haven't tried singing/playing it in a while. I will one day soon though, just to make sure I still remember it.

Brick laying freaking kills, I am so sore. I've decided I might go work out with Jorge and Chriss in the mornings, to get back in shape. It can only benefit me, right?

I really want a miniKorg, I might ask for one for Christmas.

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  1. We need to get together and actually practice that song sometime x)
    Try not to have surgery next time we plan it though, okay?. xP