05 October 2009

Your mind is the mountain before you

Today was a pretty sweet day, for sure. Jorge got his new phone, and Edwin made silly poses while we got blackmail. Blair was Spiderman, before band practice. And I killed people at soccer after school, that was super fun.

Karma's a bitch, right? OH MY GOD.

Right now, it's raining and I love it. I just love rain, everything about it really. But my mom's got the mindset that I'll get struck by lightning if I stay online or something stupid like that. I also need to go eat dinner, but I want to finish my blog first.

Last night, Kate didn't miss 11:11. FINALLY. I saw that it was 11:11 on my phone and remembered to text her, so I did and she didn't miss it! Not much to that story haha.

I found out today that Blake Counts is doing soccer, he's playing defense. He only wants to play so he can destroy people on the other team. I'm going to laugh every time he gets redcarded. Which, would probably be enough times to get him kicked off the team until next year. I should start working out more, like maybe three times a week. I could go in the mornings at 6 30 with Chriss and Jorge and sometimes Jonathan. It seems fun, and I know I already talked about that, but whatever.

You're walking yourself into the end, your grave is shallow enough to see your face below the ground.

Goodnight everyone<3

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